Amy Scott


M. Arch, B.env.Des

Tasmanian born and bred, Amy completed both her Bachelor of Environmental Design & Masters of Architecture at the University of Tasmania. She was awarded the Blythe Student Prize for her final year project by the Institute of Architects. During a short break from her studies, Amy gained experience in the field of zero-carbon design while working at ZEDfactory in the United Kingdom. Her time working there afforded her the skills and knowledge in sustainable design that she continues to draw from and apply to her work daily. After completing her studies, in 2012 Amy relocated to Sydney where she gained experience working at Renato D'Ettorre Architects and Alwill. It was here that she developed her skill and appreciation for the design and delivery of residential architecture, from concept through to refined detail. Amy's education was formalised with her registration as an architect in early 2016. Amy's love for all things detail and design extends into her free time. She designs and makes furniture, clothing and earrings - all of which are the envy of her co-workers.

Jacqueline Lindeman

M. Arch, B. Arch

Jacqueline completed both her Bachelor of Architectural Studies and her Masters of Architecture at the University of New South Wales. Throughout her studies, Jacqueline gained experience working at Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects where she was involved across a range of scales, including urban, multi-residential and public projects. Prior to commencing her Masters of Architecture, Jacqueline spent time working in the US where she worked for Ghislaine Vinas Interior Design in New York City. It was here that she developed her passion for residential architecture and interior design. During her time at Architect Prineas, she has developed a strong appreciation for detail, from project conception through to delivery. Jacqueline's interest in art and design extends beyond her professional life. On the weekends you will find her wandering through the White Rabbit Gallery, or enjoying the beautifully crafted interior of One Hot Yoga. 

Bridget Webb

B. Arch

Having completed her Bachelor of Design (Architecture) in 2014, Bridget is currently working towards her Masters of Architecture. Bridget has spent the time between her two degrees as a dedicated member of the Architect Prineas team, where she has been involved across a range of projects from conception through to delivery. She has a particular love for heritage architecture and in her time at Architect Prineas, has enjoyed being able to help breathe new life into already beautiful buildings. Bridget is also the office authority on AFL and her red & white scarf can often be seen hanging on the coat stand on Fridays ahead of a trip to the SCG. She also likes to experiment with her baking and the office are always happy recipients of her baking efforts!