Soft Opening at the Darlinghurst Nano Pad.

April 2017

Jacqueline Lindeman is a graduate of architecture and has been a part of the team at Architect Prineas since July of 2015. She was closely involved in the design and documentation of this project and was lucky enough to be the first guest to enjoy a short stay at the Darlinghurst Nano Pad.

3 0 0 p m . C H E C K I N G  I N .   Nano Pad (Photograph: Jacqueline Lindeman)

Pause for an Instagram moment because the quality of afternoon light in this tiny studio makes it insanely photogenic. I take a moment to (re)acquaint myself with the space, though in reality, moving through the apartment is intuitive. Keys are in the catch-all and my handbag on its hook before I hang tonight's outfit on the blackened steel hanging rail that is neatly tucked around the corner of the bed platform.

4 0 0 p m.  Y O G A   C L A S S.  One Hot Yoga

To make the most of my short stay in this beautiful apartment, I've decided that for the next day and a half, I am a Darlinghurst Person. 

To kick things off, I'm off to yoga! A short stroll down Darlinghurst Road and I've arrived at One Hot Yoga & Pilates, or as the locals like to refer to it, "One". It is my first time trying yoga here and I can safely say that from the moment I enter the studio, I'm hooked. The Philosophy of One Hot Yoga is centred on the notion of mindfulness. It is a moment conceived by yogi Lucinda Mills that comes to full fruition in the masterful interior architecture of Robert Mills. The studio is split over two level of a beautiful art deco building in Kellet Street (Potts Point). The entire space is designed as a sensory experience in which every movement through the studio is meticulously considered. 

5 1 5 p m.  E R R A N D S.  Hermetica Flowers, Victoria Street

While cheese has been pre-arranged for tonight's guests (c/o Simon Johnson's fabulous cheese room), bubbles must still be arranged. I take an alternative route home from yoga, this time down Victoria Street to stop by the cellar. I enter into the dangerous territory of Hermetica Flowers. A sculptural arrangement of orchids is suspended in the window, however, it's a small bunch of white chrysanthemum's that catch my eye. I decide that it would sinful not to make use of the baby pink Muuto Vase that I eyed upon check in, and decide to take the flowers. The wrapping is exquisite, as per usual!

5 3 0 p m.  S H O W E R   H O U R S.  Nano Pad Ensuite (Photograph: Jacqueline Lindeman)

The flowers are in their vase and the sparking is chilling in the fridge. It's time to freshen up before my guests arrive! 

This is, perhaps, the experience I have most been looking forward to during my stay. The entire bathroom space emanates a sauna; the woody smell creating the perfect mood for my post yoga shower. Stocked with Aesop, by the time I'm done, it's safe to say that I'm feeling pretty luxurious!

6 3 0 p m.  3   I S ( N ' T )   A    C R O W D. 

Punctuality is not my friends' forte, which is lucky because as 6.30 rolls around, I am still arranging cheese and nuts on the beautiful marble cheese board. When the bell does finally buzz, I invite my guests (all four of them!) in to give them the grand tour before everyone collapses around the studio - two on the Wilfred, a couple on the bed platform steps and two of us on the bed! The black topped Artek Stools are reserved for cheese and crackers only! 

7 3 0 p m.  C A S O N I.  Pumpkin Ravioli

2 bottles of bubbly down and we are ready to take the short stroll up to Taylor Square for dinner at Casoni

The night is lovely and warm, so we sit outside, people watching until our food arrives. I enjoy the signature dish of Pumpkin Ravioli, accompanied by the Burrata and Salsa Romesco, which I share with one of my girlfriends. The general consensus around the table is that the food (and drink) is delicious! 

As dinner plates are cleared, there is talk of desert but nobody can look past the quintessential Darlinghurst treat that is Messina.

1 0 0 0 p m.  M E S S I N A.  Messina, Victoria Street

Messina needs no introduction.

I enjoy one of the weekly specials - a devilishly decadent concoction of peanut butter and chocolate fudge, though I am also careful to sample all the other flavours ordered amongst our little group!

Messina does no wrong. 

1 0 3 0 p m .  I N  B E D  W I T H  B E M B O K A. 

After a quick clean up of the pre-dinner antics, it's time for bed! I decide to sleep without the block-out blinds, instead, enjoying the shadow that the streetlight outside casts across the plywood joinery and walls. The Bemboka sheets make for a very cosy sleep on this warm summer night and, all too soon, it's morning. 

9 0 0 a m .   Y O G A  2 . 0

Still on a high from yesterday's class, I venture up to One once more to sweat out last night's sinful eating and drinking.

Today I try Power Yoga, which I enjoy equally, if not more than yesterday's pilates. 

1 1 0 0 a m.  E D I T I O N  C O F F E E  R O A S T E R S.  Edition Coffee Roaster, Liverpool Street

After enjoying my second round of yoga and subsequent post yoga shower, I venture down the road to Edition Coffee Roasters for breakfast.

The cafe is beautifully furnished with mid-century style Nordic pieces that are off-set by white walls and an open galley kitchen. The menu is a reflection of the care interior -  a unique fusion of Japanese and Nordic vibes. Because I am basically on holiday, I enjoy the black sesame hotcakes with mango ganache, along with a piccolo latte that is the perfect balance of smooth and creamy. The entire experience is equal parts interesting and delicious.

1 2 0 0 p m.  N U D E .  The Art Gallery of New South Wales

I take a short stroll through Woolloomooloo to the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Nude - art from the Tate collection is nearly over and my little stay-cation seems like the perfect time to visit the gallery. The curation of the entire exhibition is both clever and engaging, while a real highlight was seeing Rodin's marble sculpture of "The Kiss" which has never before ventured outside of Europe.

4 0 0 p m.  C H E C K I N G  O U T  Nano Pad (Photograph: Jacqueline Lindeman)

Another short walk back through Woolloomooloo and Darlinghurst and I'm back at the studio.

I pack up my overnight bag, which until now has been stealthily stored in the secret drawer beneath the step outside the bathroom. Before doing a final check of the apartment, I take a moment to enjoy the beautiful afternoon light once more and reflect on what has been a fabulous short stay. 

Positioned in the heart of Darlinghurst, I have been able to enjoy some of the best of what the area has to offer.

Thank you to our clients for having me to stay at the Darlinghurst "Nano Pad"!